Informative Videos

Informative Videos

This page contains links to various informative lectures on Synesthesia - mainly by prominent synesthesia researchers (and Mayim :-)). 

Youtube video:  What is synesthesia?. David Eagleman

Youtube video:  Do You Hear in Color?! Explaining Synesthesia, Mayim Bialik

Weren't David and Mayim great!  Let me know if you are aware of some other videos I should include here.

Youtube video: Tasty Coloured Sounds: The experience of Synaesthetes by Dr. Julia Simner. University of Sussex, 18 March 2014

YOUTUBE VIDEO: The Curious World of Synaesthesia, Jamie Ward, TEDx Cambridge University

Youtube video: Genetics of Synesthesia. Dr Jamie Ward

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Dr. Jamie ward - types of synesthesia

YouTube: International Association of Synesthetes, Artists and Scientists Symposium, UCLA 2017  

YouTube: What is Synesthesia?  

YouTube: SynesThesia (2010) dir. Bruce Meatheringham - MAPS Film School

YouTube: Red Mondays and Gemstone Jalapenos: The Synesthetic World

posted April 22, 2019

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