Art Events, Conferences, Dinners

People are absolutely fascinated by synesthesia.

I create events where participants are encouraged to explore their own senses and to jump inside the world of a synesthete.

VIVID, Sydney 2015

Curated by Rebecca Baumann, the Synesthesia Artbar was a major part of the famous Sydney light and sound festival VIVID. I spoke about the Mechanics Myths and Misconceptions of Synesthesia. 



Produced by Lyndon Terracini, Brian Ritchie and Simon Rogers, Synesthesia at MONA was a 2 day event that brought together, synesthetes, artists and researchers. I was invited to speak as an academic researcher and synesthete.

An interview with me after my Speaking engagement at Mona in 2012 can be found HERE


About Me

I am a psychologist with a Visual Neuroscience PhD from the University of Sydney.

My PhD focussed on Synesthesia, its verification, elaboration and perception. I have spent thousands of hours speaking with synesthetes and researchers from around the world. I speak on synesthesia at art events, dinners and conferences.

I am a touch-colour synesthete. 

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