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Learn what Synesthesia is. Discover the different types of synesthesia - like colours for words and letters, numbers and sequences, or shapes and colour for musical sounds. 

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Synesthetes are creatives. So many artists and musicians, like Lorde and Billie Eilish.

Find out how synesthesia is used creatively and how all of us have some capacity to understand synesthesia through the use of metaphor.

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So much information. Where do you start?

VIDEOS: We have find lectures by experts on synesthesia, like David Eagleman and even one by Mayim Baylik. 

BOOKS: I have a curated set of informative books on Synesthesia - all available on Amazon.

RESEARCHERS: So many researchers, so many new papers. It's hard to keep up. Here you can find links to researchers all over the world and learn about the causes and features of synesthesia.

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I completed a PhD in visual Neuroscience, on the topic of synesthesia and multi-sensory integration at the University of Sydney. I'm currently working with Josh Berger at Sydney University looking at ways to make synesthesia easier.

I am also a touch - colour synesthete. 

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