About Me


Dr Karen Whittingham

B.A., M.Litt., M.Mgmt., PhD.

I am an Organisational Psychologist but completed a Visual Neuroscience PhD program with Sydney University in Professor Colin Clifford's Color Form and Motion Laboratory.

I am interested in the relationship between synesthesia, creativity and attention and consciousness.

I am currently working at the University of NSW in the School of Psychology. In 2015 I hope to examine the work preferences of synesthetes including how they make use of synesthesia in their work and personal lives. If you are an artist or musician I would especially be interested in hearing from you. Please contact me by email at UNSW   k.whittingham at unsw.edu.au.

I am a touch color synesthete myself. I started the site because there didn't seem to be a central place for Australians by Australians to meet, talk or learn about synesthesia.

I'd really like to hear from and meet with other synesthetes in Australia.

Research, Discover, Create