NZ event

A notice from the AFFINITY GROUP IN NZ.


In conjunction with International Brain Awareness Week (March 16-23), we’re proud to announce See What I’m Saying? – An exploration of science, creativity and the senses.

We’re inviting you to be part of an evening of interactive experiences and installations as we join with synesthetes, artists and intellectuals to creatively explore synesthesia.

For those creatively inclined, we would love you to express your synesthetic experience in a medium you are comfortable with.  If you would like to talk or write about your experience, we would love to share it with the people of New Zealand.  If you would just like to join us on the evening, let us know.  The aim is to create discussion and awareness around synesthesia in NZ.

See what I’m saying?

an Affinity Group project, with a little help from our friends.