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My review of the Oxford Hanbook of Synesthesia

oxford handbook


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New Study on Synesthesia at Sydney University. Click here for more information.



Take a look at SBS episode “Sensational” for a great discussion on sensory experiences and perception.



CANBERRA Synesthetes ANU would love your help. Click here for contact details.


This website is devoted to promoting Australian related activities on Synesthesia.

We have pages on types of synesthesia, activities in Australia / NZ and links to other really great synesthesia sites. Check out our Events page and latest posts on the front page for new on events related to synesthesia and don’t forget to tell us if you have an event you would like to publicise.

We hope to make it a portal for the exchange of information, and perhaps even a place to stimulate ideas. 

Come back and visit later in the year as I also hope to have re-released an updated series of pages devoted to different types of synesthesia by then.

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